Rectangle Memorial Portrait

Rectangle Memorial Portrait

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Remember your loved ones by having a picture placed on their memorial and make them live in the minds of future generations. Pictures will always bring back beautiful memories. Have your favorite photograph permanently transferred onto a porcelain plaque.

Available in color or black and white, our portraits come in many shapes and sizes.

Rectangular portraits are very popular for modern designs, or when a complete view of the picture is desired.

The photo is a 100% porcelain tablet onto which pigments have been fired at over 800°C in order to insure image permanence.

Every memorial portrait is unconditionally and perpetually guaranteed against fading and deterioration due to weather, as well as breakage.

We will replace, at no charge, any portrait which has faded or deteriorated, or has been broken.

Because your satisfaction is our main concern.

How to install

Our products are shipped to you ready to install (look for the word TAPE written on the back). Simply remove the release liner and install on the monument, making sure you apply a moderate pressure to the portrait for approximately two minutes. All portraits 5” x 7” or larger, as well as frames and covers, are shipped with a special primer.

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